Game features

You can collect all kinds of warships in the game to fight for you.

You can form your fleet and give full play to their strengths to make it easier for you to win in battle.

Your fleet can be placed in the game to hang up, easy to operate.

You can play a warship captain in the game and enjoy exciting adventures in the game world.

Under your leadership, the fleet is gradually growing and gradually becoming the master of this sea area.

Game background

Rum & Cannon is an adventure RPG mobile game in the Age of Great Sailing. As the Captain of a fleet, you and your Chief Mate Don Katrina, will lead the new fleet composed of The Royal and The North Hill to set out from the Mobius Sea to catch up with the Queen Anne’s Revenge, which sneaked behind and made you lose control over the sea, and to beat your deadly enemy, the Blackbeard. During the voyage, you will meet pirates with different characteristics. The Captain of the Brave Viking, Rollo, was also be part of your Fleet, to explore the legendary islands Avalon and Atlantis. Your Fleet will battle with other pirates for conquer of the Sea, and to create your own Legend of Sailing.